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Promo 2021

by The Breath

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自身が標的、自覚が一歩 正に突きつけられる刃の先 自身の顔が映る? 堕落を食う傍観者に 流れず問われる日々 慈悲なく The target is me 揺るがぬ事実 人種の差に、性別の差に 沈黙 育てた後 自身のターン、隣人は無く応報 The target is me 揺るがぬ事実 Racist,Sexist,Fascist Transphobic 刃の先 容赦なく自身のコメカミに照準が 当てられている The target is me ーーーー The target is me,This awareness is the first step Can you see your face? On the edge of a sword that slashes someone I shouldn’t be an onlooker who goes off the beaten track. I’m being questioned every single day. It’s ruthless. The target is me A certain fact Racial differences Differences in gender If I keep on clamming up. No one will stand with me when my turn has come. The target is me A certain fact Racist,Sexist,Fascist,Transphobic The knife’s edge Relentlessly aimed at my temple The target is me
死角で認知もない 虐げられし無念 背負い、落ちた世に 注視するべき一角の暴露を 無為に帰せぬ意を 数少ないながら いま取れる行動 犠牲に哀悼の意と 氷山の開拓を 無為に帰せぬ意を 汲み変える今を 無為に帰せぬ 赤き氷山 忍ぶ ーーー It’s a blind spot. no one can recognize. Oppressed resentment. It appears as the tip of the iceberg. We have to pay attention to what lies below the surface We mustn’t ignore that resentment There are few actions we can do now. I express my condolences to the victims And try to expose the iceberg. We mustn’t ignore that resentment Accept and change the present situation. My thoughts go to a bloody iceberg.
当たり前に街に溢れる 過剰な表現 突き詰め、煮詰めた 欲望はばからずに 断罪に値する?かすめるクエスチョン 表現の自由? 曖昧な線 答え探し YOUR FANTASY バラ撒き散らし 脅かされる 犠牲は無し? コントロール取るべき危うき幻想に 誰かの犠牲の上 成り立つ欲望抱く 抗えない性ならいま抱き込み飼い慣らす 法で規制する より己がモラルで律し 向き合うカルマ それぞれ定義引くこのライン ーーー There are excessive expressions in the town. It looks like an uncontrollable desire. But does it deserve conviction? Freedom of expression? I've been searching for answers on an ambiguous border. YOUR FANTASY Aren't there any victims? When you spread your fantasy desire. We have to control the dangerous fantasy in ourselves If your desire consists of someone's victim and can't throw it away. You have to hold and tame those actions.. It's not the best way to have restrictions of law. We control it by our morals. Against karma on your own. Define the border by yourself.
自身を無と決め 切り捨てる 盲目 塞ぐ自我の中 見出す Speciality 他者の言動に導かれ磨くまだ見ぬ原石 You are special 視線の先に見る誰かのジェムストーン 見過ごし 沈む 低空飛行 正しく知る 難解な問いに 与えられるべき他者の言葉、行動を 導き得る 原石を見る ーーー You assume that you have no talent. Blind,shut out of everything. But you can find speciality in yourself By other’s words and actions. It’s a gemstone you’ve never seen. You are special You always see other’s gemstones. And you continue to overlook yours You need to know This difficult question should be given other’s words and actions. They lead you You’ll find your gemstone.
一見で成せる事 ならハードル イージーで飽く まだ知らぬ土地 目指す必然 失敗が師 糧に前へと 1000回負けても 挑みつづけ 1001回目に実を掴み取る 終わらない 道はまだ 諦めなければ潰えはしない 出来るまでやれば出来る 敗北は必要な過程 1000回負けても 挑みつづけ 1001回目に実を掴み取る 最後に笑えば勝ち 研ぎ澄ます 不屈の核 ーーー Things you can do in a second It’s too easy,you are boring. It's a necessity when you head to a place where you've never been. failure is a teacher. It gives us power to go ahead. If you fail 1000 times, continue to try. It's ok that you succeed the 1001th time. it's an endless road, I will never give up. I'll do this until I make it Defeat is essential to the process If you fail 1000 times, continue to try. It's ok that you succeed the 1001th time. We'll win laughing at last. Brush up an indomitable mind.


Hardcore punk with rage and heart with nods to Youth of Today and Agnostic Front in equal measure. Members of Unarm and Low Vision.


Artwork by Yagi and KTYL Katsuya S.

All songs by THE BREATH
Recorded & Mixed by Shigenori Kobayashi at NOISE ROOM Recording Studio
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at DEAD AIR Studio

QCHQ - 074


released August 2, 2021

Available in Japan from our mates at Black Hole Records


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